Rumbster has Graduated to RubyForge

Thanks to Pat Courtney, Rumbster – The Fake Email Server has graduated to RubyForge!Rumbster is a fake email server, written in Ruby. Rumbster was designed to test web based email functionality with Watir. Rumbster facilitates email testing by publishing received emails to registered observers. Rumbster currently ships with two observers; FileMessageObserver and MailMessageObserver.FileMessageObserver dumps received email messages to a file in a defined message directory. The files are named "#{@system_time.current_time_in_seconds}_#{}.txt".MailMessageObserver appends all received email messages to a message list.

message_observer = MailMessageObserver.newserver = Rumbster.newserver.add_observer(message_observer)server.add_observer('message_dir'))server.start# assert message_observer.messages has your email messagesserver.stop

How do I get Rumbster?gem install rumbstersvn co do I learn more about Rumbster?Read the tests. Rumbster was written test first, so the tests should tell a good story. If you would like to contribute documentation, we would be happy to have it 😉