MonoRail – Beginner FAQ

I am giving a MonoRail talk, at HDC 07, on Thursday morning.What questions do you think I should be prepared to answer?Here is a list of questions, and answers, that I typically get, and give, about MonoRail.Why would I use (care about) MonoRail?

  • Separation of concerns makes your application easier to test.
  • Microsoft will soon be releasing MS MVC. It is very similar to MonoRail.
  • It works well on teams where the designers and developers are not the same people.
  • Your team does not come from the MS world. MonoRail is closer to the framework designs from other languages (Java, Ruby).

Why would I not use MonoRail?

  • Your project depends too much on 3rd party controls.
  • Your teams skill set is totally centered around WebForms.
  • If your only experience with developing web sites is with WebForms, then you will have to learn HTTP.

What kinds of projects work best with MonoRail?

  • I would choose MonoRail for all projects, except for simple reporting web applications.

Do you have any other questions that you think I should be prepared to answer? Do you have anything to add to the current set of answers?