Figg – Example code used during 3/12/2007 STL C# User Group meeting.
HDC 07 Presenation – Example code used during 10/18/2007.


Rumbster is a fake email server, written in Ruby, that was built to facilitate email testing. We specifically used Rumbster to test email functionality at a user acceptance test (UAT) level. Emails received by Rumbster, during a test, are published to observers that are registered with Rumbster.Rumbster has graduated to Rubyforge!

Multi-Threaded WinForms (MVP Pattern)

Code written for a series of posts on using the MVP Pattern in WinForms to allow easy threading.


Code written to run JSUnit tests using WatiN. This code allowed us to run our JSUnit tests in our CI build.

Garage Sale Code

All other code talked about in the blog.

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