Cost Effective C# IDE

What is the most cost effective way to develop C#?I use VS 2005 with R# when working with clients, but unfortunately that copy of VS 2005 is owned by my employer. The same setup at home would cost $1400+. I know there are free C# IDEs, but they all have flaws that are hard to overlook.What are you using to develop C# outside of your workplace?Looking for ideas.p.s.I wish the ALT.NET guys would start building the Ideal IDE πŸ˜‰


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  1. Since I use VS2005_R# at work, I’d want to have a similar experience as I can at home.

    So, if budget’s an issue – VC# express, and loose R#.

    If my “home” developing is actually a revenue stream and I do that a lot, I’d need to boost up productivity, so Visual Studio 2005 Standard( 300$) + RESharper C# (150$) – that’s 450$

  2. SharpDevelop is certainly worth a shot and if there are flaws that you find hard to overlook then fix them – thats the whole point of open source!


  3. I would definitely recommend sharpdevelop. It is a bit of a change from VS but once I made the switch, the IDE really started to grow on me.

  4. I’m surprised you haven’t stumbled on a license for VS2005 Professional. I think I have several – they often give them away at conferences, user groups, online promotions, etc. If you are stuck, I’d be happy to look around and send you one – I have licenses through my company now and don’t need it.

    Professional + Resharper is really all you need.

  5. They were giving away one last night at the .NET users group. I am just not that lucky πŸ˜‰

    I have downloaded VS 2008, but many open source projects are still using VS 2005.

  6. One option is to subscribe to Microsoft Action Pack for $300. You get VS2005 and more.

    I’m trying to convince myself into buying R# or figure out how to justify the expense to my boss.

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