Heartland Develpers Conference (HDC 07)

I am attending and speaking at this year’s Heartland Developers Conference. HDC has gathered an impressive list of speakers and sessions this year; despite allowing me to speak 😉 I am slated to give a talk on MonoRail.

MonoRail – An Agile Alternative to ASP.NETHave you looked at Ruby on Rails and said “I wish I could do that in .NET”? Have you wished that your ASP.NET application could be more maintainable, testable and cleaner? If so, this session is for you. In this session, we will examine MonoRail, a MVC framework alternative to ASP.NET inspired by Ruby on Rails. 

Are you planning on attending HDC 07?


5 Responses

  1. I will be at HDC ’07 and look forward to your presentation. I’ve been doing serious MR development for about 6 months and using the AR/Windsor stack for almost 2 years. I was hoping to find another MR developer at the conference.

  2. I was hoping there would be at least one other MR develper as well 😉

    Looking forward to seeing you there.

  3. Love to be there, although it has been a while since I did some MonoRails programming.

    However, living in the Netherlands does not help 🙂

    Perhaps you can post the slides afterwards?

  4. Yes. I will make sure I post any materials I use during the presentation. Sorry.. you cannot attend.

  5. […] – Beginner FAQ Posted on October 14, 2007 by Adam Esterline I am giving a MonoRail talk, at HDC 07, on Thursday […]

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