Job Dreaming? – Not without C/C++

Over the last several days, I have been “Job Dreaming”. What would it be like to work at Google, Apple, Yahoo! and Amazon? I thought I would take a look around to see what jobs are available. Most of the jobs posted, for each of the companies, want 5+ years of C/C++ experience. What does this mean? Is my generation of programmers left out?I think that I was one of the last students to take C/C++ in my college. Today most of the students, I know, start with Java (or insert new language here). Am I wrong? Am I missing something?All of the jobs I have had since leaving college have been Java/C#. I guess this leaves me out of the cool high tech jobs.Why do so many of these positions require C/C++? Does speed/memory require the use of C/C++? If colleges are not teaching these classes, how are these companies going to get workers? I know college is not about training, but where are their future programmers going to get there skills?Thoughts?


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